“Draper, always engaging to watch, lit up the stage in Letters #4 and #5.  Even in her 50s, Draper’s crisp clarity continues to charm.”

                    — Nancy Wozny, ArtsHouston

2013-2014 Season

After a two-and-a-half-year sabbatical from performance, my friend and collaborative dance partner, Niurca Marquez, has nudged me back onto the stage.  We begin with an informal showing of our first joint work and more (see details below).  Check back here from time to time to see what else develops.


Introducing Sara & Niurca –

Mixing Dance Forms, Miami to Houston

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


City Dance Studio, 1307 W. Clay, Houston, Texas  77019

Choreographer/dancers Sara Draper and Niurca Marquez invite you join them for the first public presentation of their recently initiated collaborative journey together.  Come discover a new way of mixing dance forms as they reveal their process and vision in an intimate setting.  They will perform solos and their new duet, show dance videos, and talk about their artistic vision in this one-hour casual event where audience questions are welcome.

Sara Draper, modern choreographer of Houston with an interest in flamenco, and Niurca Marquez, contemporary flamenco dancer of Miami with training in modern dance, have begun a body of collaborative works together.  The duo would be honored for you to embark on their journey of artistic investigations with them by attending their informal debut presentation on Wednesday, December 11, 2013, at 8:00pm, at City Dance Studio, 1307 W. Clay in the Montrose area of Houston.  Donations at the door are accepted in lieu of tickets.  Your r.s.v.p. is appreciated.

Artist Statement

Dancepatheatre has been my primary performance vehicle since 1999.  I’ve created solos for myself and I perform in some of my group works.  Sprinklings of monologues,  movement staged with poets, and improvisation enrich my performances alongside full dancing  as my performance life continues to mature.  As much as I love to dance, it’s connecting with an audience that is still my favorite thing about this business.  Life goes on…

2011-2012 Season

Ms. Draper is on sabbatical from performing for the remainder of 2011.


Sara’s Performances in the 2010-2011 Season

October 9, 2010 Tuesday, Excerpt. (Dancepatheatre premiere, solo)  Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex
November 7, 2010 Movement Study (premiere, solo) Fieldwork Fall Showcase, Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex
  Tuesday, Excerpt. (solo) Fieldwork Fall Showcase, Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex
June 17 & 18, 2011 New work, to be titled (Dancepatheatre premiere, ensemble work), Big Range Dance Festival, Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex

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