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Information and Bookings for a Master Class, Workshop, or Private Lesson



This class prepares you for expressive stage movement and dance by helping you to master the fundamentals with a focused, neuro-muscular programming approach.

Current schedule: privates only, by appointment.


YAMUNA CLASSES in Summer 2016

Yamuna Body Rolling Workshops

(Note: Wednesday 6/15 at 6:30 – 8:30 PM has been CANCELLED.)

Saturday 6/18 at 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM – THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CONFIRMED.

With Sara Draper 

Yamuna Body Rolling is an body sustainability program that uses specially-designed balls to activate and align muscles and bones through targeted, deep tissue release. The practice is used to prevent injuries and heal areas of the body that experience the most wear and tear. Body rolling is suitable for many groups, from athletes to those who need attention to muscular and skeletal issues, lower back pain and joint pain.


JCC Members: $35 – Workshop and bring your own Yamuna gold or pearl ball

JCC Members: $40 – Workshop with Yamuna balls provided.

JCC Members: $75 – Workshop and pre-order Yamuna ball and pump from the instructor*

Public: $55 – Workshop with balls with Yamuna balls provided

Public: $90 – Workshop and pre-order your Yamuna ball and pump from the instructor*

*Pre-order deadline is June 1, 2016.

Advanced registration required. See the J website for registration.

Please contact Catherine at or 713-595-8199 for more info.


Private lessons in Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Foot Fitness by appointment.

Claire School of Dance, 1245 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX  77008


   YAMUNA with Sara


Sara is a thoughtful and talented teacher.  She has beautifully fused her passion for dance with Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Foot Fitness.  If you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort and you want to keep moving, you should consider signing up for a private session, class or workshop with Sara.  –Shannon A.


If you haven’t tried any of these Yamuna techniques they are a must for healing and maintenance!  Sara is a patient and knowledgeable teacher and has healed herself from some previous pain with these Yamuna techniques!  Give it a try! –Michelle S.


I like the work; it keeps my feet strong and supple, which enhances my overall balance and alignment.  Thanks, Sara, for bringing this to the community. –Sandra C.


Had the pleasure of trying Yamuna Foot Fitness with Sara Draper last weekend.  Great experience.  Try it for yourself! –Nichelle S. 

What is Yamuna? 
Yamuna is a body sustainability practice that relieves pain and restores ease of movement.  It realigns bones, increases muscle length, suppleness and functionality while reeducating your body to move in a way that will keep you moving for the long run, pain-free. Classes educate you so that you may safely practice on your own at home and when travelling, to keep your body healthy in motion.  This work empowers you to create transformative body improvements regardless of age or lifestyle. The benefits are immediate and powerful.

What is a class like? 

We use specially designed balls on yoga mats, with particular techniques involving breath and gentle traction to gain a full release of muscles.  “A ball is just a ball till you know the technique.”  Classes are quiet, relaxed, and inwardly focused.  Your instructor, Sara Draper, will teach you specific routines using the correct Yamuna® balls with your own bodyweight, gravity, gentle traction, and applied pressure to decompress bones, joints and nerves and restore full function.  You leave feeling refreshed and wonderful!

delicious Yamuna experiences with Sara await you in 2016!



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To purchase your own Yamuna balls and Foot Wakers for home practice, you may order through Sara or purchase supplies that she has in stock.


Sara Draper is a dance artist/educator and movement specialist based in Houston, Texas.  She brings knowledge and insight from her background in dance to her expanded focus on keeping people moving throughout their lives and doing the activities they love.  In addition to her work in performing arts, Sara offers private and group classes in Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Foot Fitness.   Sara believes that by keeping our bodies free of constriction and pain, we free up creativity and intuition, leading us towards our most fulfilling lives.  She observes that when we sustain our own well being through our Yamuna routines, it becomes easier to remain engaged in life and we have more to offer in our relationships and our vocations.  Sara earned her certifications as a Yamuna practitioner in 2015, after finding that the work eliminated her disabling back pain she had endured for two years and allowed her to return fully to life again.  She is passionate about spreading this empowering education to performing artists and to everyone else.

For more information about Yamuna, please visit .




Artistic Services

  • For Dance Companies and Universities
    • Choreography for commissioned dance theatre works
    • Original text for performance
    • Works set from available Dancepatheatre repertoire
    • Residencies
  • For Opera Directors and Companies
    • Choreography for opera productions
    • Consultation with opera directors
      • Assistance with staging
      • Coach singers with movement challenges
      • Find in-character solutions for injured singers
  • For Opera Composers
    • Collaboration  or consultation to create original dance-operas

To commission work, initiate a project, arrange a residency, or request services, email here.

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